Long Road to Forgiveness – The Full Story

Long Road to ForgivenessLong Road to Forgiveness started out as a four-part serial. It’s now a full novel.

Amanda Walker is devastated. Her friend Dan is in jail. Her father has run off with her aunt Lily. Her mother is in rehab. Her ex-fiance is married someone else.

Amanda has no experience with anger and she cannot control the power it has over her. She is alone in a world that she cannot accept and the only friend she has is Dan’s mother, Tillie. She feels that she let Tillie down but her need for human contact drives her to connect with Tillie. Continue reading “Long Road to Forgiveness – The Full Story”

Sitting Zen and Killing Clutter

Sitting Zen and Killing ClutterA Short Story

In Sitting Zen and Killing Clutter, Carol Quinn is reeling after her husband left her. She’s closer to 60 than she feels comfortable with and she is suddenly adrift in a world she cannot accept. Her best friend, Blondie, has a solution. Carol has to get out of her house and out of her slow descent into depression. Carol can become the Chaos Queen and she can begin by decluttering the house of a recently deceased woman with a severe hoarding problem.

In a small rural community on Prince Edward Island, there are no secrets but there are a lot of random pieces of misinformation that become repeated until they become part of the fabric of truth. The truth that Carol reveals is much more than she ever anticipated.

Going Home: When Everyone Thinks You’re Dead

crearespacecoverThis is a combination of three novellas, Going Home, Being Home, and Staying Home.  This is the story of Liza Diamond who returned home ten years after the entire town believed she was dead only to discover that most of what she believed was not true, people she thought were her enemies were her friends and some of her friends were her enemies.

Liza Diamond tries to go back home now that everyone thinks she has been dead for ten years. She discovers that the beauty of the small town of Walkersville still conceals a seamy underbelly of low-level intrigue, secrets, and lies. Liza herself is telling a few lies, the biggest of which is that her return is not driven by a desire for revenge. Her return is all about revenge for a love gone very wrong.

Who’s my Daddy? That’s the big question Liza Diamond has to ask herself. Liza has found out that the town is much more complicated than she ever imagined. But then, aren’t most small towns that way? Full of intrigue and long-lasting disputes and old secrets and lies.

Liza Diamond makes discoveries that have the capacity to set her free. As the title suggests, Liza works on finding a way to stay home in Walkersville and coming to terms with the old demons in her life.