About Being a Writer – Write More, Write Often

It might be due to my career working with computers and computer stuff but I get caught up in the process of how writers work. I have read several books on writing fast. These are the ones that motivated me to write more and faster:

If you really are a writer and want to actually write, these books will at least get you going. I enjoyed seeing how these writers took their level of writing to a new height. In Nicholas Sparks on Writing, he talks about the business of writing and how he writes 2,000 words a day pretty much six days a week.

It’s all about habit. I’ve taught and written about changing habits and finding time. Lately I am loving all the resources on the internet so am reaching out and pulling in the great advice I find there. Like Leo Babuata’s advice on Writing Daily.

How I Write

I use Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 on my desktop and since reading Leonelle’s book, I use Swype on my tablet.  I hit about 5,000 words a day. Recently I had to give up ghostwriting and get busy with my own writing and a bad thing happened. I got paralyzed and could not accomplish anything. That’s another story and this fall, a constant source of angst for me.

About Dragon — I got the premium edition because it lets me record my dictation elsewhere and then transcribes the recording for me. I use my old HTC One V phone with an iRig microphone which makes a nice clear recording. Oh and one thing that helped was getting a good microphone for my computer. I have a Blue Yeti microphone that give a great sound. I also got these microphones because I have a couple of courses on Udemy and needed really clean sound for that.

[Note: I have affiliate links in this post but consider them just a starting place to do your research on any of these things I mention.]