Short Stories

I am about to publish another short story, Death by Pot Luck. Meanwhile, I thought I’d tell you about the two I already have on Amazon.

The Kidnapping of Stephen Buckman

This short story has been out for a couple of months. It’s FREE July 11 and 12.

Cordelia Neale has sacrificed her life for love. Is it worth it? What does a woman do when her life is in shambles and love is no longer enough to make her sacrifice worth it?

There is a meme going around about how we know we will get old someday. We just didn’t expect it to happen so fast. That is what happened to Cordelia.

One day she woke up and realized that not only was she old. She had spent her adult life in love with a fantasy, a dream, and love that was not all that she thought it was.

Sitting Zen and Killing Clutter

Sitting Zen and Killing ClutterThis story is also free July 11 and 12.

Carol Quinn is reeling after her husband left her. She’s closer to 60 than she feels comfortable with and she is suddenly adrift in a world she cannot accept. Her best friend, Blondie, has a solution. Carol has to get out of her house and out of her slow descent into depression. Carol can become the Chaos Queen and she can begin by decluttering the house of a recently deceased woman with a severe hoarding problem.

In a small rural community on Prince Edward Island there are no secrets but there are a lot of random pieces of misinformation that become repeated until they become part of the fabric of truth. The truth that Carol reveals is much more than she ever anticipated.