The Reality of Writing: Some Expert Advice

ChrisFoxThere is so much to know about writing and marketing your Kindle books. I’m sharing some of the expert advice that I received along the way. Like Chris Fox’s advice.

This is Chris Fox over to the right. I bought my first Chris Fox book last summer and it made a difference in my life but the way our brains work, it takes at least seven encounters before the names sink in. So it was not until I saw his second book on writing that I did more investigating. Here’s the first book of his that I found.

As luck would have it, I showed up on his page just as he was starting his 21 Day Writing Challenge earlier this year. It is a real eye opener and the strange thing is, it actually works. Above is the first one of his books (5,000 Words per Hour) that I bought. It makes perfect sense and if you think it is not possible, I’m here to say that it is.

Sure it takes discipline and dedication but the reality of our lives is that we pass our days anyway whether we try or not. The next book I’d recommend reading is his book, Lifelong Writing Habit. It works for any habit and Chris is good at telling you how he lost almost 100 pounds, found love, and became a writing machine.

I mentioned this book in a previous post — it’s about how to start in the preplanning stage of writing. In Write to Market Chris describes how to find the secret clue to choosing the right genre if making money is your goal.

If you are not ready to delve into the wonderful world of writing, check out the 21 day challenge. It’s fun watching a writer write.

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