What’s in a Name

Some of you might remember my Walkersville stories. They’ve been sent off to a new life elsewhere. May 1, I am getting back to writing a few short stories and novellas.  I’m working on a private project for week one. Then I will publish my short story, The Kidnapping of Stephen Buckman. 

Part of my #May100KChallenge is to, well, write 100,000 words. The private project is 25,000 words. The other 75,000 will be short stories.

I’m setting them on Prince Edward Island because it is where I live, where the scenery is beautiful, and Islands have their own special characteristics. There is a downside and that is the incredible similarities in names. The upside to that is that names can become difficult.

Here is an example. If I say I was talking to Ann, my husband will say Ann Ann or Anne Leonard (daughter or sister in law). If I am talking to my friends and say I was talking to Anne Leonard, they ask, which one?

Friends were curling with 4 women from this area all with the same names. One was Anne Leonard, not my sister in law, one was Anne Kenny, another was Anne George. I never did figure out who the fourth one was.

I remember my late pal George MacDonald (a common name here) introducing himself as George Frank Joe Paul Out By the Barn.

The big challenge is choosing names for my stories because chances are good, there are several people with the same name in real life.

I may resort to using names linked to father’s first names here. My husband’s father’s name was Chubby. Henry really but he was known as Chubby. Two of his brothers are known by that as their second name. Kind of. Joe Chubb and Art Chubb. Anne Leonard’s husband is not Leonard Chubb and my husband is known as Chubby’s Gorilla. That’s him walking into the bay.

Now, I am really confused.